Tambi Renee: Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

24 May

Tambi Renee is an advocate for the pet spaying/neutering process, and provides pet owners with several beneficial reasons to spay or neuter their furry friends.

Spaying, says Tambi Renee, can help female pets live longer and healthier lives. Spaying, she says, helps to prevent the onset of breast cancer and uterine infections, which are often highly fatal afflictions in female pets. Having your female pet spayed before their first heat, says Tambi Renee, helps to offer them the best chance to avoid major health risks down the road.

Neutering, says Tambi Renee, helps your male pet to avoid the possibility of testicular cancer, as well as the possibility of unwanted litters in the future. If done before six months of age, she says, you can help your furry friend avoid what is often a fatal disease.

Saying your female pet, says Tambi Renee, also keeps your female pet from going into heat, which prevents the risk of unwanted litters and reduces the likelihood to yelping, yowling and unwanted urination during the breeding season.

Neutering, says Tambi Renee, also helps to reduce the likelihood of roaming. An unneutered male dog or cat is more likely to roam the neighborhood in search of a mate, which increases the possibility of fights with other animals, fatal incidents with traffic, unwanted litters, etc.

A neutered male, says Tambi Renee, will also be better behaved, friendlier and more attentive to their adoptive families. Without the constant need to seek out a mate, a male will be far more likely to be a subdued and loyal household pet, improving the quality of your family’s relationship with your animal.


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