Tambi Renee: Reduce the Number of Unwanted Pets

19 May

Pet spaying/neutering advocate Tambi Renee encourages those in the veterinary profession to reduce the number of unwanted pets whenever possible. As an animal lover and passionate advocate for animal rights, Tambi Renee understands how important it is for professionals within the veterinary field to be active sponsors of the spaying/neutering process, and to guide pet owners through the benefits of neutering.

Tambi Renee believes that pet owners and their veterinary professionals should work together to determine a pet’s appropriate sterilization age, and to make sure the animal undergoes the neutering procedure at an age that won’t have an adverse effect on the pet’s health. Pet overpopulation is still a big problem in the United States, says Tambi Renee, and requires a proactive, not reactive, approach from both pet owners and veterinarians.

The burden of pet overpopulation is something faced by animal shelters on a daily basis. Over 3.7 million pets, according to the American Humane Association, are euthanized by shelters each year, simply because there aren’t enough available adopters out there. By spaying/neutering your pets, says Tambi Renee, you have the opportunity to lessen the burden on animal shelters, as well as to reduce euthanization rates at your local animal shelter. Tambi Renee understands that while the spaying/neutering process is often expensive, it should always be a primary consideration to people looking into the potential of pet ownership.

Tambi Renee believes that every pet owner has the opportunity to improve the quality, and the longetivity, of their pet’s lives through the spaying/neutering process. Neutering can help to improve a pet’s behavior, prevent the future possibility of disease and create years of happiness and enjoyment for both the pet and its owner.


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