Tambi Renee: Spaying/Neutering Your Pet Improves Pet Health

15 May

Pet life-span longevity, says pet advocate Tambi Renee, is dramatically increased by a simple spaying or neutering procedure. By altering your pet’s reproductivity, she says, you have the opportunity to increase both the quality, and the length, of your pet’s life, improving the pet’s health and increasing the amount of time you have to enjoy a strong relationship with your household dog or cat.

Tambi Renee is a firm believer in the benefits of spaying and neutering, which can reduce a pet’s urge to flee or to fight with other animals in the neighborhood. Tambi Renee also understands that pet spaying and/or neutering helps to reduce the likelihood that your dog or cat becomes afflicted with certain types of life-threatening cancers. As a lifelong advocate for animal rights, and for the promotion of behaviors that improve pet lives, Tambi Renee is firmly on the side of those who understand the many benefits of pet spaying and neutering. She works to provide people the information and the tools necessary to make better, more-informed decisions on pet care and maintenance.

Tambi Renee also knows how spaying and neutering can lead to drastic improvements in a pet’s behavior, reducing their urge to run and to fight with other animals. Pet neutering helps to reduce the likelihood of bad behavior, eliminates what are often annoying and somewhat dangerous mating rituals, and works to give pet owners more control over the pet’s behavior. Tambi Renee understands that neutering can reduce a pet’s tendency to be aggressive with both other pets and with other people, and can reduce a pet’s urge to roam, express dominance and create havoc with other animals throughout the neighborhood.


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