Tambi Renee: The Painful Process of Claw Removal

4 Apr

Cats rely on scratching as a defense mechanism; a natural way to defend themselves from potential predators and attacks from other cats. Many people perceive scratching to be a threat to themselves, says Tambi Renee, and will ultimately resort to declawing as a way to avoid future scratching injury. Declawing, says Tambi Renee, is an unnecessary and painful surgical procedure that adversely affects millions of cats’ lives every year.

The claw removal process is highly invasive and painful. The standard declawing method, says Tambi Renee, generally involves the amputation of bone in each of the cat’s toes using either a guillotine clipper or scalpel. This often results, says Tambi Renee, is painful wounds that affect the way a cat walks and jumps, and has the possibility to completely alter the way a cat reacts to threatening situations. The declawing procedure has many health and behavioral risks that can affect a cat throughout the duration of its life.

Tambi Renee understands that many cat owners are concerned about the potential for scratching, not only on themselves but also on their possessions and their furniture. Though she realizes that no one wants to be the victim of a scratch wound, she also understands that declawing surgery places undue stress and hurt on the cat, and that it should be avoided at nearly every cost.

Tambi Renee knows that people love their animals, and that the bond between owner and cat can be strong and mutually beneficial. She also knows that the quality of this bond can be adversely affected by painful declawing procedure. Tambi Renee supports the complete elimination of declawing because she understands its complete lack of necessity.


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