Tambi Renee Recommends Careful Pet Monitoring

21 Feb

Tambi Renee is well-versed on the dangers common household consumables pose to dogs and cats. One way to keep your pets from these dangers, Tambi Renee says, is to educate yourself on the potential risks of common household foods and top remove your pet’s access to these foods.

It may not be easy to keep your pet safe at all times, but there are ways to eliminate potential problems and prevent common sources of pet sickness and death. Certain beverages, says Tambi Renee, can be sickening and deadly to your animals, and should always be closed or capped off to keep pets from consuming them. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages particularly pose very unique and intense health risks to small household animals. Tambi Renee recommends keeping these types of beverages away from your pets at all times.

Tambi Renee also recommends reading pet food labels and keeping up-to-date and the latest pet food ingredients. Some materials used to make pet food have even been found to pose health risks to humans, and it’s important for people to protect themselves from possible dangers.  Tambi Renee remains about conducting research on and learning about pet food before giving it to her animals. This helps her pets maintain good health and live longer lives.

Tambi Renee also suggests keeping track of the potential for plants, both indoor and outdoor, to pose a risk to your animals. Often times common house plants and naturally-growing plant species can be a major health concern to your animals.


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