Tambi Renee: Be Careful With Manufactured Pet Foods

18 Feb

Tambi Renee is a firm believer in keeping her pets out of harm’s way. While there are indeed many ways to protect your animal from the dangers of common household items and behaviors, there is now a new method that many may not be aware of.

Tracking the ingredients in food that is specifically-designated for dogs and cats can help a pet owner better monitor their pet’s diet, says Tambi Renee. According to TruthAboutPetFood.com, a recent Center for Disease Control study found that people working in a pet food plant in Missouri were at risk of getting ill from certain ingredients they work with every day. TruthAboutPetFood.com poses the question: If these ingredients are harmful to humans, how can they not be harmful to people’s pets?

Tambi Renee believes education is necessary to combat the risks of potentially dangerous ingredients in mass-manufacture pet foods. Tambi Renee believe that every pet owner should check their pet food labels before feeding their dogs and/or cats. Certain grains, flavoring additives and even pesticides were found by the CDC in their study of the Missouri pet food plant were making their way into the processed pet food. Tambi Renee is aware of the risks of certain popular pet foods and is tenacious about what her cats eat.

Tambi Renee has always been a lover of cats, and she has always believed they deserve the best protection possible. Responsible pet owners like Tambi Renee set strong examples to those looking for better ways to take care of their animals.


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