Tambi Renee Passionate About Animal Health

11 Feb

Tambi Renee takes an active interest in her pets’ health, and hopes that everyone else take simple steps to prevent common causes of illness and premature pet death.

Common foods, household items and even houseplants can be lethal for dogs and cats. It is easy, says Tambi Renee, to confuse things for being harmless and to inadvertently poison a pet. Tambi Renee has an intense love for her animals and takes the time to research the things that may be harmful to a pet’s health and life.

Many of the things that can negatively affect an animal are things humans consume on a daily basis. Tambi Renee recommends keeping things like baby food, citrus oil extracts and fat trimmings away from or out of an animal’s reach. Each of these items can lead to severe health problems that can not only be costly, but also potentially deadly to a pet owner’s best friend.

All pets, says Tambi Renee, deserve an owner that has a vested interest in their animal’s health and quality of life. Maintaining an active interest in what a pet consumes in just one way a person can take good care of their pet, says Tambi Renee. It’s easy to be negligent and not be aware of the risks of everyday food items to animals. Tambi Renee makes every effort to keep her animals out of common foods and to feed them only specifically-approved foods. It’s no easy task, but monitoring your pet’s diet can help that animal live a long and healthy life.


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