Pet Food Recalls Information from Tambi Renee

30 Dec

In a recent study of pet foods, the FDA declared that, across all of the samples tested, they found contamination almost exclusively in raw pet foods, with one exceptional case in a dry cat food sample. Animal rights activist Tambi Renee has taken a closer look at the study, however, and concluded that there is something suspicious afoot over at the FDA. After examining the time period during which the samples were taken, Tambi Renee concluded that there was not a single raw pet food recall. Processed pet foods did not fare so well.

Rather than the single case of dry cat food contamination reported by the FDA, Tambi Renee found that during the period of the study, the United States was faced with the largest recall of pet kibble in its history due to salmonella contamination. This recall, says Tambi Renee, affected numerous pet food brands, including Diamond Dog and Cat Food, Natural Balance Dog and Cat Food, and several others.

Tambi Renee thinks that clearly something is wrong with the numbers here, or the FDA has found itself in an awful lot of confusion. As Tambi Renee points out, either the FDA has failed to follow its own rules with regard to zero tolerance for salmonella by not recalling those raw pet foods, or they did not, in fact, inspect those pet foods cited in the study. Similarly, did they forget about the massive pet food recall when tracking the statistics on pet kibble? Perhaps there is some forgetfulness afoot, but more likely, says Tambi Renee, is government blowback against raw food diets.


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