Tambi Renee Reports on Salvage Food and Your Pets

17 Dec

As pet owners, we all aim to feed our pets high quality food that will meet all of their nutritional needs. What most of us have never considered is the fact that processed pet foods for sale in supermarkets and pet stores could be putting our pets at risk. Tambi Renee has shed light on the dangerous state of pet food today and the use of salvage food products by pet food manufacturers with little to no oversight by the state or national government.

According to Tambi Renee, there are salvage food companies that work to resell what are known as “distressed” food products and turn a profit for themselves and the company where the products originated. Distressed food products have been exposed to temperature extremes, smoke, water, or other potential contaminates that have made them unsuitable for human consumption. They may also have lost their labels and become unidentifiable. What Tambi Renee points out is that these foods, through salvage companies, remain in the pipeline as food products for pets.

What is particularly disheartening about the resale of distressed food products, says Tambi Renee, is that pet food companies don’t have to label their products to note that they contain what is essentially waste. Tambi Renee says this is a fraud against consumers and a crime against pets. Now is the time to carefully look at what you feed your pet, says Tambi Renee. What are the ingredients? Where did they come from? If you can’t answer those questions, Tambi Renee says, it may be time to change pet foods or embrace a raw diet for your pets.


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