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Tambi Renee Wants Consumers to Remain Aware of Food Recalls

2 Nov

You are what you eat. How many times did you hear that growing up as a child? Of course, if you eat a lot of string cheese you are not going to become a stringy cheesy monster, but too much imbalance does impact overall health. What is more, the quality of food you consume impacts health, too. Years ago, the United States and other countries developed regulations and organizations to ensure food manufacturers use real food products and practice safe food practices.

Food contamination is a great concern, especially as people go outside the home to eat. You may be suspicious if you get sick after eating out that something about the food was bad. But it doesn’t take a restaurant to create food safety hazards. Tambi Renee tells people that bad food can come straight from the slaughterhouse.

Tambi Renee asks people to pay attention to all cases of food poisoning. Oftentimes, widespread cases make media news, but Tambi Renee suggests people go online and look for any food recalls as often as possible. Food warnings and recalls aren’t necessarily tied to meat, either. Tambi Renee points to the cantaloupe that led to the hospitalization of many people.

For safety’s sake, Tambi Renee asks people to take food recalls seriously. It is easy to think bad things happen to other people and not yourself, but Tambi Renee knows those people thought the same things about themselves. Tambi Renee also asks consumers to pay attention to pet food recalls too.