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Pet Food Concerns Matter to Tambi Renee

30 Oct

There are many social matters Tambi Renee remains aware of but one of her recent concerns is the frequency of recalls in pet food due to confirmed or potential Salmonella poisoning. Food safety is important to Tambi Renee because it affects the quality of life for people and animals. Just recently, hundreds have been affected by the chicken processing plants in California. The Salmonella contaminated chicken has made over two hundred people sick and was consumed by both people and animals.

Tambi Renee remains focused on a whole issue of pet food matters. One of her focuses is the type of food people feed their animals. Obviously, the healthier foods are those that most closely resemble the animals’ natural diet. For some, this means more animal protein and less of the animal-byproduct people have become increasingly aware of. Similarly, Tambi Renee wants people to know that giving treats to animals is fine, but human foods should not be given as treats because some may be potentially hazardous.

The quality of food truly does matter. Humans want to eat the best quality foods possible and the same would be said for animals. Tambi Renee hopes pet owners pay attention to pet food recalls. If there is a health concern tied to pet food, pet owners should heed all warnings. Some of the products recalled in the last year include: dry dog food, heartworm medication, pet jerky, and frozen pet food. Tambi Renee wants pet owners to be aware of pet food recalls because across the nation, there is a recall nearly every month of the year.


Health Issues Hold Significant Importance to Tambi Renee

25 Oct

Anyone who has ever suffered from food poisoning doesn’t want to suffer the pain or agony again. People are often at the mercy of food processors and handlers when it comes to certain foods, but some measures can ensure food safety. Equally important for consumers is the health of animals and the quality of food put into their animals’ pet food.

Tambi Renee takes food safety for both humans and pets seriously. With cases of food poisoning every year, it is disheartening to know that even modern facilities cannot or do not do all in their power to prevent food contamination. Even organizations meant to regulate the food handling process differ in their individual practices. Recently, a nationwide Salmonella outbreak based on a California factory has poisoned hundreds of people.

Tambi Renee once took for granted the quality and safety of her food. However, the more she researched into the subject matter, the more she came to realize the gaps and problems in our food safety system. With concerns about the quality of both human and pet food, Tambi Renee knew spreading information about the subject was important.

Few things impact us as much as the cleanliness and quality of our food and water. Every year there are cases of Salmonella poisoning and Tambi Renee believes this is unacceptable. We do much as a society to equate nutrition with health and while diet plays a large part, the quality of food is equally important. Tambi Renee encourages people to pay closer attention to food safety issues. In terms of pets, she encourages people look at what is in pet food and check to see if there have been any recent recalls.