Tambi Renee Warns Against Corn in Pet Food

24 Sep

When it comes to pet food, there are many health risks and concerns that pet owners are often unaware of. Tambi Renee is an advocate for greater knowledge about pet food and how it is affecting your animals. One major issue with pet food is corn content and Goss’s Wilt. This bacterial infection occurs in corn, and as Tambi Renee asserts, it is found in pet foods more often than you may think. Tambi Renee believes that pet owners should inform themselves about Goss’s Wilt and avoid buying pet foods with high corn content to keep their animals safe.

What is Goss’s Wilt?

Goss’s Wilt is a type of bacterial infection that occurs in corn. While genetic engineering should keep corn safe from Goss’s Wilt, this harmful infection has been spreading in Midwestern corn crops recently. Tambi Renee knows that many pet foods contain corn ingredients, and the prevalence of Goss’s Wilt could be extremely harmful to your animals. Goss’s Wilt is linked to aflatoxins, which can contaminate your pet food and cause serious health problems, even leading to death.

Furthermore, as Tambi Renee has found, Goss’s Wilt has also been linked to glyphosate, a chemical that Monsanto uses in its products for weed control. This means that if corn produced by Monsanto ends up in your pet’s food, the consequences could be deadly. Tambi Renee recommends avoiding all pet foods that contain corn to keep your animals safe. According to Tambi Renee, pet owners should always check the labels on their pet’s food very carefully before purchasing.


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