The Truth About Pet Food Flavor: Tambi Renee

21 Sep

When buying pet food, pet food owners often seek out specific flavors that they know or believe their pets will enjoy. Tambi Renee has recently learned more about poor practices in the pet food industry when it comes to flavoring. As Tambi Renee has found, pet food flavors are often made with potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, pet food flavors are intending to entice pets into eating food that does not actually provide the proper nutrients. Learn more about pet food flavoring and how it could affect your pets.


Chemicals to Trick Your Pets


As Tambi Renee states, one of the main issues with pet food flavoring is the chemical additives used by companies to entice pets into eating cheap food. Many companies use additives such as pyrophosphates, which is used in cat food, to trick your pets into thinking that they are eating real food. According to Tambi Renee, this keeps your pets addicted to food that is not nutritionally valuable and could even be harmful to them.


For example, pyrophosphates are potentially harmful chemicals that can lead to a variety of health issues in humans such as vomiting, skin irritation, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems. Tambi Renee believes that if an ingredient is not good for humans, it should not be used for cats. For dogs, Tambi Renee has found that manufacturers focus on the dog’s sense of smell to entice them. This causes dogs to react positively to food that actually has little nutritional value, making owners such as Tambi Renee assume that the food is good.


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