Tambi Renee On Real Meat in Pet Food

14 Sep

There are many types of pet foods out there that advertise “real meat” in their products. However as Tambi Renee has found, this advertising is often misleading. From a survey conducted of a variety of pet food companies that use the “real meat” label, Tambi Renee found that the word “real” appears to mean something different for each and every company.

Tambi Renee saw that while some companies use “real” to mean no artificial products, others use “real” to refer to muscle tissue, meat meals, or no by-products. While consumers such as Tambi Renee may see the words “real meat” and assume their pets are getting food with the same quality of meat that humans eat, this is simply untrue.


Beware of False Advertising

When it comes to pet food with “real meat,” Tambi Renee states that you should always beware of false advertising. For example, while Blue Buffalo uses “real meat” to indicate actual meat rather than meat meals or by-products, Science Diet uses “real meat” simply as a marketing tool. Tambi Renee believes that false advertising such as this is incredibly harmful to pets because it means that pet owners are purchasing a product for their animals based on false assumptions about its health benefits.


Call Your Pet Food Company

Before feeding your animals any type of pet food that states “real meat” on the label, Tambi Renee asserts that you should always call the pet food company to find out what “real meat” really means. Tambi Renee states that if they respond evasively, you will know that their pet food is not up to par and should not be fed to your beloved pets.


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