Tambi Renee: Reacting to Pet Food Recalls

19 Aug

As a pet owner, it can be terrifying to find out that your beloved pet’s food is in the midst of a recall due to contamination or any other problem. Tambi Renee has seen firsthand how pet food recalls can affect owners and pets alike and has the following suggestions for responding to a pet food recall.

Be Aware of Recalls and Check Food Often

The first step to reacting, of course, is learning all that you can about the pet recall. Find out exactly which products have been recalled and try to discern whether or not there are any methods of identifying specific batches that were a problem.

Switch to Another Food

Stop feeding your pet the recalled food immediately and switch to something safe. While it may be tempting to switch to another brand entirely, know that many pets might have bad reactions to undergoing a sudden food change. If the brand that you already use has a type of food that has not been recalled, it may be worth it to use that instead of transitioning your pet to a different diet immediately.

Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Health

Once you’ve ascertained that your pet might have been exposed to contaminate or damaged pet food, keep a very close eye on him or her to make sure that they are not suffering any ill effects. If your pet experiences changes in behavior, seems to be lethargic or in pain, or suffers any symptoms, such as vomiting or bleeding, call your vet immediately.

Contact the Company

Many pet food companies will offer compensation for any food that has been recalled. While compensation is probably the last thing on your mind when your pet’s health is at stake, it can be useful to be in touch with the company to learn about any new developments in the recall too.


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