Why Pet Food Recalls are On the Rise with Tambi Renee

16 Aug

A long time pet owner and lover of animals, Los Angeles businesswoman, Tambi Renee, is passionate about ensuring that pets eat nutritious, natural diets that help them stay active and healthy throughout their lives. Tambi Renee has been disheartened to see that pet food recalls are on the rise. Here are two of the main reasons why it is important to be aware of pet food recalls and why they are becoming increasingly common.

Contamination of Pet Food

One of the most common causes of pet food recalls involves salmonella, the infectious disease that humans should always be careful about when handling raw meat and eggs, as well as some other foods that can be contaminated by poor irrigation and bad manufacturing processes. Pet food that is infected with salmonella can cause serious gastrointestinal problems for pets, leading to long-term health issues and even death if it is not caught quickly. Pet food might also be contaminated with toxic chemicals, due to spills or even intentional sabotage. The contamination of pet food is, of course, closely related to the other cause of recalls – poor manufacturing standards.

Poor Manufacturing Processes

Another big cause of pet food recalls is the fact that manufacturers don’t have to abide by the strict standards that are applied to the creation of food for humans. This means that errors are often not caught and debris and other harmful items might make their way into food during the manufacturing process. For example, a recent pet recall happened because the mixture of vitamins in the food was incorrect, meaning that pets who ate that food were at increased risk for deficiencies and health problems. Poor manufacturing, however, might also lead to recalls as with another recent instance, where pieces of plastic were found in the food, or due to other problems, like spoilage because of bad sealing in cans.


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