Tambi Renee on Choosing a Healthy Pet Food

10 Aug

Animal lover and wellness enthusiast, Tambi Renee, is committed to making sure that animals live healthy, happy lives. One of the ways that Tambi Renee does so is by educating people about animals’ diets. With more research going into what pet food actually contains, Tambi Renee has put together a few guidelines for helping pet owners avoid foods that are made from poor quality ingredients that might harm your animal’s health

Read Ingredients Labels Closely

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to figure out which pet food is healthy and which isn’t based on the label. Claims of “all-natural” and “human quality” are not actually backed by any true industry standards and tell you little about what is actually in the food that you’re feeding your pet. That’s why looking at the ingredient list itself is key for being absolutely sure that only the ingredients you want are in your pet’s food.

Avoid Chemicals and Fillers

Speaking of ingredients, it’s always best to go with the product that has the shortest list of ingredients. If you can pronounce all of them easily, that’s an even better bet. Try to stick to pet food for cats and dogs that, at least, do not contain grains, as cats and dogs are naturally carnivorous and process and use nutrients from meat better than nutrients from plants. Avoid any chemical fillers, preservatives, or additives.

Stick to Whole Foods

Even if you can locate a pet food that’s completely free of additives, it may not come with high quality ingredients, as the FDA allows pet food to be made from meat that comes from dead or diseased animals and has poor oversight of manufacturing. Sticking to whole foods that you prepare yourself is a good option for pet owners who want to feed their animals only the very best quality ingredients.


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