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Tambi Renee: How to Prepare for Your Air

11 Mar

Tambi Renee: How to Prepare for Your Airbrush Tan

Congratulations on making the switch from traditional beach or salon tans to airbrush tans! Your skin, now safe from harmful UV rays, will certainly thank you, and so will your mirror. Before you make your first appointment for an airbrush tan, consider what Tambi Renee, the owner of Body Glo Mobile Airbrush Tanning and a Certified Airbrush Tanning Technician, has to say about getting ready for your airbrush tan and keeping it looking super fresh.

What To Wear

To minimize tan lines, you’ll want to wear the least amount of clothing for your appointment that you feel comfortable with. Generally, you’ll want to wear something of a similar size and cut that you would wear at the beach or pool, since you’ll want to make sure that all of the skin you choose to show the world is evenly tanned! Airbrush tanning products may stain nylon, wool, and silk, so avoid wearing these fabrics until after your first shower post-tan.

Showering and Shaving

It’s best to shower before your appointment, since a shower or swim within 8 hours of the application may fade your tan. If you shave, wax, or remove body hair in any other sort of way, you’ll want to do that at least eight hours before your airbrush tanning appointment. Shaving with a dull razor can remove some of the very top layers of the skin, taking your tan with it, so make sure to use a brand new razor when you shave after an airbrush tanning appointment.

Maintaining Your Tan

After your tan, you’ll want to keep up with moisturizing, as that will help prevent dry skin that can cause your tan to fade faster. When you swim with an airbrush tan, make sure you apply a waterproof sunscreen before getting into the water, which will also help to lock in moisture. And of course, if you do decide to head to the beach for some additional tanning, be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin against damage.

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