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Horse Grooming Tips from Tambi Renee

26 Feb

Horses are a source of joy to Tambi Renee. When Tambi Renee needs to get away from her job running Body Glo Mobile Airbrush Tanning, she retreats to equestrian pursuits. Tambi Renee even finds relaxation in grooming horses. Here are Tambi Renee’s essential tips on how to groom a horse.

–       You should avoid shampooing your horse too often, as this can cause the horse to lose essential oils that keep his coat nice and shiny. When you do bathe your horse, be gentle and make sure to thoroughly shampoo his tail. A horse’s tail should generally be cleaned, conditioned, detangled, and braided once a week.

–       Be careful to curry your horse’s body every day in winter in order to maintain the health of his skin. Hair care products can further protect your horse in cold weather. As you curry your horse, pay attention to his weight levels – the winter can be challenging for a horse!

–       Always clean your horse’s hooves daily. Thrush develops easily in mud-packed hooves. Be sure to apply hoof oil or dressing to further protect the hooves. Some people recommend baby oil as an easy alternative. While you’re down there, try using some cornstarch to whiten socks!

–       A cheap way to maintain surface cleanliness is baby wipes. They work wonders for quick touch-ups, cleaning out noses, and wiping down tack.

–       For extra shine, ask your vet for recommendations of dietary supplements. Vegetable oils and Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can greatly benefit the health and therefore beauty of your horse. A healthy horse means a happy horse!

Above all, have fun with your horse! Take every chance you can to exercise your horse, since it’s a chance for you to relax and take a break from the rest of the world.