Tambi Renee Loves to Travel

8 Nov

Today, the world doesn’t seem nearly as big as it once was. We have the ability to communicate in methods today that were not even possible a century ago. And other than high speed communication, we are able to travel faster than a century ago as well. Jet engines have helped speed the travel process along in many ways.
There was once a time in American history where traveling to California – the home of Tambi Renee – would have taken months. Today, the trip only lasts a few hours and your only real concerns are traffic and delays. With convenient travel, people like Tambi Renee aren’t afraid to get a passport and explore great cities of the world.
Tambi Renee has traveled to a few places in her lifetime. Some of her most recent travel destinations include Miami, Paris, and London. Of course, Miami isn’t out of the country, but it is no less a travel destination than New York would be.
Tambi Renee found her Miami vacation to be quite enjoyable. As someone who loves art and fashion, she found many things to enjoy in Miami. One of the city’s features that stood out to Tambi Renee was the deco buildings. However, the parts of her trip to Miami that she will probably remember most were the beautiful beaches.
Her other two travel destinations of Paris and London were equally enjoyable. In both of her European destinations Tambi Renee couldn’t help but admire the architecture. There was also the knowledge that these cities hold much historic value and predate the cities in the United States. However, as a fashion lover, Tambi Renee couldn’t help but keep an eye to the fashion in both cities as well. She found the people to be friendly and both locations to be beautiful.


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