Interior Design Enjoyed by Tambi Renee

6 Nov

People enjoy many different types of hobbies. Some people turn their hobbies into a business while others just maintain a hobby for mere pleasure. Tambi Renee is someone who just enjoys interior design for the pleasure of it. For Tambi Renee, interior design is a form of delicate art.

One of the significant things about interior design to Tambi Renee is how one small change can affect an entire room. If you take an ornate chair and give it a new paint job to make it bright and colorful then place it in a room, the look of the room may change completely. In many ways, Tambi Renee looks at interior design as an art of color. If you take an object and repaint it, the room may take on a whole new ambiance.

One of the reasons why Tambi Renee finds particular enjoyment in interior design is that you can copy or create something that looks high end at a fraction of the price. If you know the tricks to do it yourself, you don’t need to go out and buy a high end furniture piece to decorate a room in your house. Even refurbishing furniture with a new coat of lacquer paint can make and old piece of furniture shine and stand out.

It is taking something old and repurposing it that truly draws Tambi Renee. There are many people who value the looks of antiques. However, an antique that has been taken care of looks better than something that has been neglected. Tambi Renee sees the repurposing of an old item and giving it new life as the most attractive part of interior design. She gets many ideas from the various magazines that she reads. These magazines draw in her artful spirit and ensure that she never runs out of new creative ideas.


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